Dream House: What people are saying

“Vividly written, with a strong sense of place, this is an affecting...first novel.”
Kirkus Reviews
“A must read for anyone thinking of building...The author is an architect who has turned to writing and she is exceptionally good at bringing places and people to life while making full use of her architectural knowledge to infuse the text with a kind of structural resonance. It's a novel that reads like a memoir. I would compare it The Big House: A Century in the Life of an American Summer Home, by George Howe Colt, which is a memoir that reads like a novel...The title is especially apt, for a house is always a dream: about what it was and what it could be. The book is a richly rewarding read”
Dan Gregory, Houseplans.com, author of From The Land: The Architecture of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger.
“...a story ultimately about love in its various forms and the peace it offers.”
“Deeply intelligent and psychologically complex…With architectural precision, Armsden renders the structure of a house and a family as if the house were not only a machine for living in, as Le Corbusier said, but also an insight machine, illuminating the mad attic of the psyche.”
Carolyn Cooke, author of Amor and Psycho and Daughters of the Revolution.
“A special pleasure of Dream House is the way it illuminates the surprising power of the dwellings that shape our lives…But this is just one of many reasons to read this gorgeous novel. Read it for its wisdom. Read it for its love of language. Read it for its faith in family ties. Read it to be changed forever.”
Anita Amirrezvani, author of The Blood of Flowers and Equal of the Sun.
“A haunting dreamscape of a novel upon which Armsden observes her characters' small victories, tender griefs, delicate failures and ultimately their inextinguishable, labyrinthian love for one another. Reminiscent of Atwood's complex psychological dramas, Dream House investigates the relationship between truth and memory, depicting the layered intricacies of intergenerational family life with a nuanced understanding of human nature. It is as lush as it is wise.”
Laurie Fox, author of My Sister From the Black Lagoon and The Lost Girls.
“Are we ever ready to let go of the house that helped form us? Dream House reads like a memory, a whisper of sea secrets, family misunderstandings, lost treasures, and love. Poignant, elegant, and told in shimmering prose, the novel reminds us that in order to negotiate the future, we must make peace with the past—because as long as the house endures, so do the little hurts; a house never forgets.”
Tess Uriza Holthe, author of The Five-Forty-Five to Cannes and When the Elephants Dance.